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Balland-Galante's artistic creations are sculptural collages that incorporate various mediums including stainless steel, copper, semi-precious stones, and crystals. Their works encourage us to reexamine and contemplate the nature of reality and memory. Taking us on a sensory journey, they blend the boundaries between what is real and imagined, using a symbolic language rich with complexity and hidden depths.


Juliette Balland is a painter and scenographer. She received her education at E.A.P in Paris and the Institute of Van der Kelen in Brussels.

Claudia Galante is an accomplished jewellery designer. She studied communication and PR at I.U.L.M. in Milan.

Both artists currently reside and work in London.



June 2022 Milan, Renata Fabbri Gallery
March 2022 Genève, Genève Art Fair
January 2019 London, Serena Morton Gallery
May 2017 London, Sketch
May-June 2016 Monte-Carlo, Artemonte-Carlo
May-June 2016 Genève, Marc Jancou Gallery

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